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Create full-color PDF files from any Windows application for free
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Doro can help you create PDF documents from a file opened in any Windows application that supports printing. What it really does is installs a virtual printer, which becomes accessible from the Print command of the source application. Then, with a few simple steps, you can create a PDF without any cost, as the product is freeware.

One of the advantages of Doro is that it produces practically no distortion on the output PDF document. Moreover, it preserves the original text, which remains fully searchable. Along with this, you can add some metadata, like document title, keywords, subject, and producer. As a convenient addition, it also lets you apply 128-bit encryption on the PDF to protect it from copy-and-paste operations and prevent printing. Fortunately, you can set not only a user password but a master password as well.

All in all, Doro is just one of the many tools that are available to create PDFs. Even Microsoft Office tools allow saving your documents as PDF without the need to add any extension. Moreover, most PDF editors install their own virtual printers. Regrettably, unlike other similar applications, all Doro can do is convert from various formats into PDF. It has the disadvantage of not allowing users to modify the resulting document. In this context, you should first consider if you really need Doro. Good news is that, if you do, you will not have to spend a single dime to have it.

Pedro Castro
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  • Produces no distortion on the output document
  • Encrypts documents and sets user permissions


  • Does not allow editing
  • May not be necessary if you are already using certain software
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